Remedial and Relaxation Massage

My Massage Techniques include Relaxation a Swedish massage with oils or coconut butter, Remedial including Myofacial Techniques & Aromatherapy using the finest medical grade Essential oils sourced through Young Living Oil Company.

With all massage requests I prefer to address the whole body to get an overall picture of what’s going on within your body system, giving the bigger picture to me & better results for you. So unless otherwise requested be prepared to put aside one hour or more for your appointment.

~HONEY MASSAGE~ Detox the skin, reduce cellulite luxuriously with Honey & Essential Oils. The addition of honey and essential oils serves to detoxify the skin and stimulate the blood flow. The increased blood flow also rids the body of toxins that might be inflammatory. Honey cellulite massages may work best with a healthy low fat diet, an intake of more water, strenuous exercise, and lower stress levels.

Often a regimen of 12 to 15 procedures every other day with drinking lots of water (to rid the body of released toxins) is essential to reducing the cellulite. In addition the honey massages are also known to detoxify or stimulate the health of the lymph nodes, which supports proper immune system and circulatory system. Packages can be arranged & personal training provided for best results.